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We have an opportunity open in our Elk Grove Village office! We are always looking for more skilled and driven individuals to build our team bigger and better! For now we only have the following open but do keep checking back for more chances to joining us!

Job Details

Cost Analyst

Job Description

Utilize advanced mathematical techniques and develop complex cost analysis models; Use cost analysis models to analyze business data; Analyze data from all available
sources on applicable factors, including materials, labor costs, location and other relevant cost elements; Determine the actual costs of products when factors change and
adjust the products’ price as needed; Use Microsoft Office Excel/SAP to develop and perform complex mathematical calculations; Build and improve existing models for direct
and indirect cost control.

Job requirement: master’s degree in business administration with concentration on accounting, master’s degree in accounting, or closely related field.

Apply to:  BV USA LLC, 1680-1682 Carmen Dr, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, Attn: HR

To apply, please send your resume to


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Phone: +1-847-235-6318

Address: 1680 Carmen Drive. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

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